It is so great you’re here! Welcome to Myolab!

We are a group of dynamic and inspired health care practitioners, excited to be able to work with you on reclaiming your body & functionality.

We believe that YOU have the ability to live at your most optimal level of health!

Are you tired of your body breaking down, living in pain, or receiving sub-par treatment with no clear plan for your individual needs, leaving you frustrated and in the dark?

That’s where we are unique…

We locate and resolve the source of your pain, not just looking at the symptoms, approaching treatment in an integrative way to ensure we are looking at the body as a whole, not just band aiding the problem.

We work on treating the area to give you relief, but then specifically work out why the pain is there, and develop an individually tailored plan to get to the bottom of it, and work toward your desired outcome.

We have ensured that we move with the times (literally), by understanding movement, functionality, and the neuroscience and psychology behind peoples’ pain and movement dysfunctions.

With an exceptionally strong foundation hands- on treatment, we are able to help if you are in pain, and get you out of pain, to keep your important body in working order, and restore functionality. It’s as simple as that!
We specialize in assessment, treatment, and providing the most evidence-based therapeutic functional movement assessment and rehabilitation out there for any musculoskeletal dysfunction and pain. This involves the extensive evaluation of any affected muscles, joints and nerves.

So if you are suffering from pain, ongoing reoccurring injuries, or just need a thorough hands-on treatment, we are the team for you! Comprised of Matt, Madeline, Belinda and Dom- we have a strong focus on team & personal development, all aspects of health, and providing a collaborative, fresh and unique space for everyone to enjoy!

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