Work Hard, Train Hard + Treat Yo-Self!

While, of course, we want you moving your body Every. Single. Day. sometimes, that just doesn’t happen. Of course(!) continue working towards some form of movement for your #1 asset (your body) every day, so while you’re moving toward that, here are some FAST, actionable steps to have you feeling great and performing even better when you’re strapped for time + you want to MOVE!  


  1. Get yourself a spiky ball (yes you heard me correctly!) and get working on your glutes, in between your shoulder blades, mid-back, low-back, calves + hammies. 5 minutes here and there can work wonders! You can take this to work, or do quickly before & after your workout to help the muscles release and get rid of those nagging aches. You can do this against the wall, or on the floor.
    • Ease in slowly to your muscles, find a spot and slowly feel it release, then shift slowly to the next spot. DO NOT roll all over as fast as you can swinging yourself one way and another. The first technique is much better for you & your body responds much better to this!


  1. Get out in nature & earth! Check out our blog here about the myriad benefits for your recovery, inflammation, wellbeing and more! Get your feet on some grass, dirt, concrete, or dive in the ocean!


  1. Set a reminder on your phone to get up every 20-30 minutes from your desk (even for 2 minutes). Set yourself a couple of stretches you can quickly do such as a neck stretch side to side, or a figure-4 glute stretch seated or standing. Reach your hands up high, do some rotations through your body swinging your arms side to side, do a forward bend reaching your hands to the floor and a back bend to get the mobility happening! Even if you walk around the office shaking out your arms and do some deep breaths that’s something! You’re reset, recharged and ready to take on the day!


  1. Jump in an epsom salt or magnesium flake bath after your sessions- time out, self care AND recovery= WIN WIN WIN! If you can’t do this, you can also grab some magnesium spray from the health food store- this does wonders!


  1. Do a dynamic warm up EVERY SINGLE TIME you decide to workout- Let’s decrease the likelihood of you doing a back, or straining a neck! Dynamic means that you’re not doing those long, slow, deep stretches. You are going to be continually moving, not holding a stretch for longer than a couple of seconds, each time you come back to it edge a little deeper, and keep activating your muscles. This allows your body to get ready for quick contractions and moves you through range of motion at the same time, without having a higher tendency to tear because it is too relaxed! Opt for the more relaxing stretching post-workout to really soften and slow everything down!


And of course, get your maintenance treatment at Myolab South Melbourne or Myolab Brunswick East. Bookings can be made online here or call 99172408 ! Take care of your #1 Asset! You can’t get another one!