How to recover, restore + heal your body 

We’re all interested in how we can optimize our recovery and get the most out of our bodies. Here are some of our top tips for how to get the most optimal recovery and get the body recovering faster and more efficiently.

In order for the body to continue to perform at its best, it needs to recover from the stress that has been placed on it. This element is often overlooked and not seen as a critical part of the management of the body.



  • Topical transdermal magnesium- Magnesium is a fantastic mineral that supports the body to recover effectively, with magnesium being a vital element which regulates over 300 biochemical reactions throughout the body. We recommend using a magnesium spray/ oil, which is applied topically transdermally, which guarantees the most effective absorption rate of magnesium. Benefits include relief of sore muscles and joints, improving cell health, lowering inflammation, facilitation of a good night’s sleep, relieves and elevates mood, calms overactive nerves, faster relief of aches and pains, restless legs and spasms, whilst not upsetting your digestive system allowing you to absorb large amounts without the side effects which can be associated with oral supplementation.


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  • Spiky ball- Self release work with the spiky ball is such a great way to continue to loosen up your muscles in between any workouts or treatments that you are receiving. Some great spots to focus on are your glutes, and upper back in between your shoulder blades. Simply find a spot, let the ball sink in, and then slowly shift to the next spot. Glutes and hips are best done on the floor, and the upper body best done up against the wall.


Check out this youtube video on how to do your spiky ball release:



  • Mobility & Movement Variability- Quite literally keep moving! The body ends up in trouble when we STOP moving. Change your position up during the day, explore different ways to move your body, and keep it active and moving.




  • Epsom salt bath-  Like the magnesium, an epsom salt bath is very beneficial in muscle recovery and relaxation. The epsom salts, and even better combined with magnesium flakes or a couple of drops of the magnesium oil in the bath, with the hot water is super beneficial for the recovery of the tissue, relaxation and ability for the muscles to de-contract.




  • H20- It’s no secret how important water consumption is in order to not only recover well, but actually operate on a day-to-day basis. Water is one of the cornerstones in your body and is essential for improving the recovery time of damaged tissues and injured muscles, and is paramount for the prevention of injuries. Water is a key nutrient in the make-up of synovial joints, which lubricates your joints for movement, therefore, is important for joint health. Water also helps you to increase your endurance and tolerate more pain, because when you are in a dehydrated state, the perception and sensitivity to pain is significantly higher. The recommended daily dose of water is approximately 2L per day.




  • Sleep zzz- Sleep is one of the most important factors on recovery and performance, as your body undertakes many functions that are related to recovery while you get some shut-eye. Sleep deprivation can lead to decreased cognitive processes leading to increased levels of perceived exertion and pain perception, poor performance and decreased ability for the body to regenerate and repair. Sleep promotes hormone activity that is paramount for repair, bone growth, muscle building and cellular regeneration. The optimal levels of sleep per night are between 7-9 hours, so you should aim to wake and go to sleep at a similar time each night. Sleep is also more conductive if you are getting to bed before midnight which enables your body to get into the deeper REM sleep patterns and therefore an improved quality of sleep. Try to turn off electronic devices at least 1 hour before bed, and have 30 minutes to an hour of ‘wind down’ before bed. Sleep deprivation is known to contribute to slower muscle recovery, changes in mood, increased levels of stress hormones which includes cortisol, increased perceived exertion, and increased levels of pain in the body. This is why sleep is SO important!



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