Winter Warmer tips to stay injury free & boost immunity

Winter can start to undo all of our good habits, and put us into hibernation! STOP! And read these winter warmer tips to stay injury free & boost immunity. Commit to your health today, take care of your body and launch into winter!



  • Up your self-care! If you’re not taking care of yourself, you cannot take care and help anyone around you at 100%! Write a list of things that make you feel good & well, and do one of those things Every. Single. Day.
  • Put your body first: Get your maintenance treatment, and don’t put it off! We all know it’s easier to maintain, rather than ‘fix’ you up every time! We tend to get ‘stiffer’ and more ‘locked up’ during the winter months, due to decreases in body temp & inactivity, so ensure you’re continually limbering up and increasing the flow of the muscles, connective tissue, and joints. Your myotherapy treatment keeps you moving!
  • Eat locally & Seasonally: Enjoy what you are feeding yourself. Head to the markets, talk to the farmers and get to know where your produce is coming from! Enjoy the whole process, it can be so grounding and rewarding when you go farm to table. Nutrition is your #1 medicine, so use it!
  • Alkalise your water! Get rid of the nasties and drink clean water! Grab a dose when you’re in the clinic from our awesome water filter. Drink out of glass or stainless steel, and eliminate toxins and yucky chemicals from entering your body!
  • Get Grounded: Just because it’s cold, don’t forget to get out in nature. A natural healer and grounder this adds to your health routine more than you know! Check out our other blog posts on earthing here and discover how it can supercharge your health and wellbeing.
  • Add in the home treatment: grab your spikey ball and foam roller & get releasing! Target your glutes, hips, shoulders and legs. Keep things moving! Pop it in the lounge and commit to doing 5-10 minutes every time you sit down to watch your favourite tv show.
  • Get some shut-eye: Ensure you are still working on your sleep hygiene. Aim for 8 hours per night. Sleep is when we restore and recover, heal the body and repair! Give your body the best chance possible and do not compromise!
  • Add herbal tea: Find a delicious organic tea that you love- we love Pukka organic teas. We tend to want to grab a hot drink more often- cue too much coffee! Gravitate towards a warming herbal tea instead and help boost your immunity by decreasing how many stimulating products you are putting in such as coffee & too much sugar.
  • Warm up, and then warm up again: Don’t jump into your exercise without a thorough warm-up under your belt. Aim for dynamic movements and stretching, not slow and passive, to activate the muscles but move them through good ranges. You will need more warm-up, so don’t skimp!
  • Exercise: Preferably at least 5 times per week. Winter is when we all fall of the wagon! Sit down with your diary and schedule them in like a meeting, and commit to being there! Get a friend to do it with you, or tell your PT or instructor that you will be there. Find exercise that you enjoy and love, and perhaps add a restorative session such as yoga and pilates to change your week up!