As humans, we all need to have variability in the way we move, however there are certainly more efficient movement patterns that we identify and restore for clients struggling with ongoing pain and dysfunction in the body. By restoring the more efficient movement and postural patterns in your body, this becomes a super effective technique to treat many musculoskeletal problems. If you’re struggling to get to the bottom of your ongoing pain, discomfort, inability to move in a free and functional way, or identify there are breakdowns in the way you move, we can help!


At Myolab we’re more than just your run-of-the-mill myotherapist. We believe in understanding the bigger picture with regards to the pain you’ve been experiencing so that we can develop a tailored solution that will serve as a roadmap for years to come. Are you ready to live a life of greater comfort and general functionality?


Whether you are in need of a quick pit stop for your flared up condition, maintenance to keep on top of your ongoing pain, or a full overhaul we are here to help! We understand that everyone has different needs, so you tell us what you want out of this experience. We specialize in delivering effective specific treatment, uncovering the underlying causes as to why you are still suffering, and giving you solutions to getting on top your pain & finding a solution. Not one person is the same, and we recognize this, therefore your treatments are tailored to you and exactly what you need.


The main focus is understanding the musculokeletal pain, discomfort or dysfunction that is happening in your body then see how this is affecting movement throughout your whole body. We identify then correct the common postural patterns found in the human body, correcting negative neuromuscular patterns that of course negatively affect muscle function and structural alignment. When we are in pain or have dysfunctions happening we begin to compensate through other areas of the body, slowly but surely creating breaks in the most optimal movement patterns for you.


By identifying and addressing where these breakdowns are occurring, we tailor the hands on treatment to assist with the re-training of the way you move. This is the only way to address one’s pain and dysfunction to truly be able to solve what the problem is.


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