Myotherapy offered at both Myolab Brunswick East and Myolab South Melbourne, is one of the modalities that can highly help with pain relief, movement restoration, and reducing and/ or eliminating pain for good!


Myotherapy is the focus on assessment, treatment and rehab of musculoskeletal pain, injuries and dysfunctions for not only acute and chronic conditions, but also preventative management.

The way in which Myotherapy and our specialised approach at Myolab can help with reducing pain, restoring function and movement and get you on your way back to your activities, sports and daily life is an individualised approach, assessment and treatment of the pain and dysfunction you’re currently dealing with. Myotherapy involves the use of myofascial release, deep tissue work, dry needling, joint mobilisations and our functional rehabilitation to get you back into working order.


How can you help yourself along at home for self-treatment management in between sessions for some pain relief and to help increase movement and mobility throughout your body?


  • Spiky ball and foam roller
  • Keep moving- one of the most important things! Move within a range that feels comfortable, especially not allowing yourself to seize up. You can then progress onto any exercises prescribed for you by your practitioner, or exercise schedule that you’ve discussed
  • Get grounded- pain relief at your fingertips. Read more about it HERE, but getting your bare feet on grass, the ocean/ sand, concrete or dirt/ mud.
  • Take a look into natural anti-inflammatories such as curcumin (from the most potent part of turmeric).
  • Magnesium spray- supports the nervous system, decreases muscle pain and tension, decreases anxiety, induces the nervous system ‘rest & restore’ response and so much more. We have a high-grade pure magnesium spray available for purchase at both of our clinics! Grab one next time you’re in- you won’t regret it!


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