Back pain is an extremely common condition that 70-90% of Australian’s will suffer from at one point in their lives. It can be extremely distressing when you are unable to find a solution to your pain, or many practitioners tell you that you will never recover. Are you sore, tired and stressed and cannot continue with your everyday activities like you used to? Is your pain holding you BACK?


At Myolab Brunswick East + Myolab South Melbourne we’re more than just your run-of-the-mill myotherapist. We believe in understanding the bigger picture with regards to the pain you’ve been experiencing so that we can develop a tailored solution that will serve as a roadmap for years to come. Are you ready to live a life of greater comfort and general functionality? Keep reading for some tips on how you can help fix your back!


Whether you are in need of a quick pit stop for your overnight jammed up back, maintenance to keep on top of your ongoing pain, or a full overhaul we are here to help! We understand that everyone has different needs, so you tell us what you want out of this experience. We specialize in delivering effective specific treatment, uncovering the underlying causes as to why you are still suffering, and giving you solutions to getting on top your pain & getting a result. Not one person is the same, and we recognize this, therefore your treatments are tailored to you and exactly what you need.


Of course, there are many causes to back pain whether it is pathological, structural, biomechanical, neural changes due to chronic pain, or simply caused by imbalances throughout the muscularture. We will work with you to understand where it is coming from, and most importantly restore functionality, mobility throughout your body, decrease pain and discomfort and get you moving!


We will start with an initial consultation and discuss all aspects of you health & wellbeing to get a solid foundation to work form. Then an assessment of the area will take place, uncovering some important information to move forward with and tailor your treatment to you. Table work will be an important part of treatment, and then we will also look at movement patterns, and functionally restoring your body in the gym if part of your tailored solution. It is crucial to correct dysfunctional movement patterns and re-teach the body how to operate functionally, to allow it to understand that it is ‘ok’ to move again!


So what else can you do at home to fix your lower back pain?

  • Move move move!!! Start breaking down your fear around movement, and just start gently- stop with the robotic movements, and try for more fluid movements to begin with.
  • Spikey ball- get into your glutes and begin opening up your hips and lumbopelvic region
  • Heat across your lower back and glutes
  • Mobilize- gentle mobilisation exercises and stretches can also be beneficial


Book in and have a chat with us, on how we can assist you in overcoming your lower back pain to eliminate it for good!