Do you suffer from hamstring pain, or continually find yourself having strains or tears? Have you struggled to find a solution to your pain or cannot figure out why you keep hurting your hamstring? At South Melbourne & Brunswick Myolab we can help you.

At South Melbourne & Brunswick we can help you find a solution to your pain. We specialize in delivering effective specific treatment, uncovering the underlying causes as to why you are still suffering, and giving you solutions to eradicate your pain. Not one person is the same, and we recognize this, therefore your treatments are tailored to you and exactly what you need. Whether it’s an acute injury, or a long-term ongoing recurring issue- we can help you sort it out! Below are some tips that you can start applying TODAY to help yourself get there!

93% of hamstring tears are completely preventable and we can provide to you how to ensure that you never injure your hamstring again.

Hamstring tears are often the result of an over contraction of the hamstring muscles (eccentric contraction). Any imbalances in the muscles in your legs or hips can overload your hamstrings. If your anterior muscles are stronger than your posterior muscles, causing your pelvis to go into an anterior tilt, this makes the hamstrings long and tight (overstretched). An overstretched muscle cannot be lengthened any more, therefore stretching will only damage it more and potentially cause a tear. Scar tissue from a previous hamstring tear can also make the hamstring more susceptible to injury.

SO how can we help you?

We treat you to ensure a reduction of  hamstring issues, no matter your age or history of injury. This is because we address the cause of the tear, not just the tear itself.

Myotherapy, Myofascial release & Dry Needling: We release the 3 hamstring muscles as well as the contributing muscles around the area, especially the anterior musculature, lateral hips and glutes; alleviating muscle tightness, decreasing contracted tissue and restoring correct functioning of the soft tissue. We will assess and determine what is individually going on with your We also address the anterior side of your hips, lengthening and releasing these tight muscles to allow for your pelvis to sit in the correct positioning.

Functional Movement Rehab: We remove muscle imbalance through postural transformation exercises. Strengthening core muscles and the muscles that support the pelvis restores symmetry. Functional integration exercises achieves that final step that symptomatic treatment ignores.

Once your functional movement patterns are restored and pain is removed, you are then educated on correct pre-exercise warm-up techniques to ensure your hamstrings are no longer at risk of tearing, even under the most strenuous conditions.

Come and see us for not only relief from your pain, but a solution to the underlying causes of your hamstring injuries. Book online or call immediately 9917 2408, to book in for an initial consultation, where you will receive a full assessment and treatment plan dedicated to make you pain free and restore your full quality of life as quickly as possible.


What you can begin doing right NOW!

  • Stretch & self- release the anterior muscles in your hip flexors, quads and lateral hips using stretching, spikey ball and foam rolling. Focus anterior more than posterior
  • Dynamic stretch before any exercise: Moving through ranges of stretches but for short amounts of time- firing up the muscles, not letting yourself sink into a long deep stretch. We want to activate the muscles ready for physical activity- especially the hammies!
  • Release the glutes! This often decreases the amount of load moving through the hammies during activities
  • Check your sitting position- Are you sitting for too long with hammies in an elongated position? Get up as often as possible & try standing for a period of time during your work day
  • Have a chat to us about how to recalibrate your biomechanics and muscular balance through your lower half, to retrain and decrease recurrence of hammie strains and tears.