We now know pain is complex, multi-faceted and unique to every individual- how cool is pain science?!

It’s affected by so many things such as past experience, memories, context, attention, emotions, thoughts, feelings, associations and more, and is no longer primarily focused on the structure in the body that is ‘injured’.


So- it is more important than ever before to have a multi-pronged approach to your pain management, to ensure you are working on desensitizing a heightened nervous system, decrease interpretations of a ‘damaging’ stimulus, bring the body into ‘rest & digest’ to decrease cortisol, adrenaline and other stress hormones from circulating the body, and incorporate activities that have positive effects of thoughts, feelings and emotions- as we know these have a DIRECT influence on the biochemical responses in our body.



  • EARTH yourselfIt connects us to the earth’s natural energy and re-balances our bodies, with benefits such as decreasing stress, combating illness, decrease pain, increase energy and vitality, normalize the body’s biological rhythms, and so much more! Get those feet in some grass, dirt, dive in the ocean or just get out in nature.
  • Connect- family, friends, loved ones- positive experiences, surrounded with love, laughs and happiness directly impact the brain, and change the biochemistry in your body, decreasing the stress response in your body
  • Prioritize sleep- aim for 8 hours per night, and get a couple of solid hours before midnight- you have better quality sleep in this part of your cycle. Sleep heals, restores and allows the body to restore itself.
  • MOVE- and change it up. Movement is one of the biggest keys for decreasing pain. Talk to us about what specific functional rehab is right for you. But just begin by moving your body for what feels good to you. Change it up + give it variability- this is CRITICAL.
  • CREATE- what is it that lights you up & makes you in your element? Is it whipping up healthy food in the kitchen, creating things for your home, gardening, painting, doing crafts, hiking, camping, photography, ahh there is so many things! Think about what you love- and do MORE of it!
  • FUEL YOUR TEMPLE- huge, huge, huge. Your body is your #1 asset- it’s the only form of transport you have to get around in for your life! Treasure that baby! High quality, high vibe, super fresh foods. Wholesome, lots of veggies, healthy fats, some grains if they sit with you, and some protein if that’s your jam. Love what you eat!



Let us know guys- how did you go with these quick tools? Did you find one super helpful for you? Grab out your diaries and schedule something in NOW. Make it happen + commit to yourself.


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