Are you suffering that nagging, and sometimes debilitating sciatic pain? Read on to learn more about it, and how you can fix it!


What is the sciatic nerve + why is it bothering me!?


The sciatic nerve is a large nerve stemming off the spinal cord which runs from the lower back down into the back of each leg, branching off to the lower leg, foot and toes.  When the sciatic nerve becomes compressed or irritated, it can cause painful symptoms which may occur anywhere along this nerve route, typically being felt down one side of the body.


Those who’ve experienced sciatica pain often describe it as sharp and electric or as a dull, throbbing or radiating sensation. It is often accompanied by tingling, numbness or loss of strength and function.  Whilst it can strike both men and women, it is a relatively common symptom in pregnancy.


There are many causes of sciatic pain whether it is pathological, structural, biomechanical, neural or simply caused by imbalances throughout the musculature.


So, how can we help relieve your sciatic pain?


At Myolab we’re more than just your run-of-the-mill myotherapist. Because we believe in understanding the bigger picture with regards to your sciatic pain, we can develop a tailored solution that will not only address your pain but serve as a roadmap for years to come- because, hey,  NO one  wants to be dealing with sciatica for the rest of their lives!!!


Whether you are in need of a quick pit stop to relieve your initial symptoms, maintenance to keep on top of your ongoing sciatic pain or a full overhaul, we are here to help! We understand that everyone has different needs, so you tell us what you want out of this experience.


We will work with you to uncover the underlying causes of your pain and provide solutions to restore functionality and mobility throughout your body, decrease pain and discomfort and get you moving!  We understand and recognise that no two people are the same and focus our  treatments to meet your specific needs.


We will address treating all the muscles such as the glutes, piriformis, lateral hip and lower back to decrease irritation and compression through the nerve, providing relief from your ongoing sciatic pain.


We begin with an initial consultation to discuss all aspects of your health and wellbeing to establish a solid foundation to work form. An assessment of the problem and surrounding areas will assist in uncovering important information to move forward with and develop your treatment plan. Hands on table work will form an important part of this plan and then, if necessary, we will also look at movement patterns and functionality, restoring your body in the gym if part of your tailored solution.


Book online at, or email to see us at our South Melbourne or Brunswick locations.  Alternatively you can call 9917 2408.